German Nutcrackers are Out for Revenge Against $200 “Nutcrackers” That Can’t Crack Nuts

Regain Our Dignity

We will never get cracked by the stupid nuts again!

This is NUTS! Buying a nutcracker for the holidays only to discover it’s the one getting cracked by holiday nuts! Some nutcrackers, especially the ones from Germany, can cost upwards of $200! And the question on many new owner’s minds is “will this thing actually crack nuts or crack under the pressure?” That’s what the folks at Cuckoo Forest wanted to find out. The results are pretty nutty! Watch the video here:

Cuckoo Forest bought a few nutcrackers from several Christmas markets and department stores as well as a few authentic German ones and put them to the test.

For this test, Cuckoo Forest used 5 varieties of nuts: hazelnut, walnut, pecan, almond, and the hardest, Brazil nut. This 180-second video shows how the nutcrackers cracked almost 60 nuts in a row!

The end results? Not even a single crack on the German nutcracker’s jaw, but the poor guys made outside of Germany couldn’t stand up to the challenge. Click Here to read the article that compares the winners and the losers.

Believe it or not, most owners of these decorative tools are scared to put them to the test! And it’s no wonder they are nervous, because more than 90% of people say “Don’t use German nutcrackers to crack nuts; they’re for decoration only.” But spending hundreds of dollars on a nutcracker that can’t take the pressure of cracking a nut—is well—NUTS!

A good quality nutcracker makes a great holiday gift. The experts at Cuckoo Forest know a quality one offers:

1. Practical value: It must actually crack nuts

2. Aesthetic value: Authentic German nutcrackers are hand-carved and made of linden wood

3. Charm: An authentic German nutcracker is a sign of good luck from an old-world tradition

4. Authenticity: A genuine nutcracker that offers all of these and more MUST be made in Germany

The people at Cuckoo Forest want nutcracker owners to crack those nuts with confidence! After all, that’s what these incredible pieces of German artistry were designed for. Starting in the 17th century, German craftsman began carving the nutcracker we know today. According to German folklore, the useful…

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