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  • is on track to secure a minority victory over her rivals
  • The far-right, anti-immigrant AfD is posed to form the opposition
  • Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz will likely form a ‘grand coalition’
  • Election polls close at 6pm German time (5pmBST)

The latest election polls from Germany show that Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) are in the strong lead ahead of Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats (SPD). 

The polls also suggest that incumbent Chancellor will be forced to strike a coalition deal with the SPD, or a potential three-way alliance between the CDU/CSU, Greens and liberal Free Democrats (FDP).

One party to look out for, is the controversial AdF which has grown in support in the run up to the election.

Here are all the latest live updates, polls and campaign news as Germany elects its next government in the federal election. (All times BST)

4.53pm: Leaked exit polls suggest AfD scored 15 per cent of the vote

Robbie Gramer, a national security reporter at Foreign Policy, claims t have seen leaked exit polls that gave the AfD 15 per cent in the polls.

He said in a tweet: “Some leaked poll numbers I saw put Germany’s far-right AfD party above 15%, which is astonishing. (Caveat these are early exit poll numbers)”.

The main worry in the run up to the election was that AfD voters would admit to their choice of party in the opinion polls, skewing the result before election day.

4.45pm: German left heading for ‘crushing defeat’ 

Ron Nehring, a former US National Spokesman who is currently at the CDU headquarters in Germany, thinks that the German left will be extremely disappointed with the election results.

He said in a tweet: “I get the sense the left in Germany is heading to a crushing defeat, extremely poor showing in today’s election. First results in 20 mins.

“In Jan, Merkel’s party tied w/ socialists, 32-32. Tonight, she’ll roar back into office as SPD and Greens collapse.”

4.40pm: A 5 per cent AfD victory could be enough of a success for right-wing party

Mathieu von Rohr, deputy head of the Der Spiegel Foreign desk, thinks that entering the Bundestag will be enough of a victory to cause and upset in Germany.

He tweeted: “What should be seen as a success for AfD? Need 5% to enter Bundestag. Polls predict 10%+ which would be big. 15%+ would be an upset.”


German elections: The AfD is looking to become the third strongest party in the Bundestag

4.30pm: Exit polls out in just 30 minutes

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