General Plastics Debuts Polyurethane Dielectric Material with High Thermal Processing Properties for RF Communications and Radome Applications

General Plastics Manufacturing Company, a global supplier of high-performance polyurethane foam products and composite parts, today introduced its advanced dielectric foam material for use in radomes, antennas and other critical radio frequency (RF) communication systems. The new LAST-A-FOAM® RF-2200 rigid foam series addresses the need for an RF-transparent protective layer with extended thermal processing capabilities. Initially offered at 3, 4 and 6 pounds per cubic foot sheets and blocks, the foam’s density may be tailored to other values to meet user’s specific dielectric constant and loss tangent requirements. It also provides a finer cell structure compared to some thermoplastic materials, as well as high dimensional tolerances and thermal stability, which are critical when creating sandwich panels and complex shapes to tight tolerances.

“As composites have become increasingly commonplace for lightweight structures, our new RF-2200 series is another example of how General Plastics looks at a wide spectrum of solutions to solve customers’ very technical problems,” said General Plastics President Mitch Johnson, Ph.D. “These low-density, high-strength foams are a solid step forward in processing higher-temperature composite prepregs, particularly for radomes and other radio frequency panels. Now customers have a core material to match and exceed their required properties.”

Greater performance and versatility

These materials are commonly used in sandwich panel configurations, which require elevated cure temperatures to press the material into panels. “The RF-2200 series foams are formulated with a Tg exceeding 350ºF, dramatically increasing their processing capabilities,” said General Plastics Head Engineer Joel Meyer, Ph.D. This means a high-temperature prepreg can be thermally-cured to easily form a panel with better dimensional stability than previously possible.

LAST-A-FOAM® RF-2200 is available in sheets and blocks as well as machined final core configurations. General Plastics can also produce extremely large blocks, enabling customers to create very complex shapes. This represents a significant advantage over other materials which are available only in thinner sheets. Customers who rely on such products…

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