‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 4 recap: Reunions and mayhem dominate ‘Spoils of War’

With the world of Westeros shrinking, it was a night of reunions both bitter and sweet on “Game of Thrones” Season 7, episode 4. With the battle for the Iron Throne in full swing, some decisive moves needed to be made, and the end result was one of the most thrilling, albeit short, episodes of the series with “The Spoils of War.”

[Spoiler Alert: The remainder of this article will disucss Season 7, episdoe 4]

The episode opens with Jaime and Bronn dividing the spoils of their victory at Highgarden. Jaime is visibly upset after Lady Olenna revealed that she was responsible for Joffrey’s death, not his brother Tyrion. Bronn, being more than just your ordinary sellsword, realizes something is up, but can’t get his friend to talk. No matter, he’s much more interested in the castle he was promised, despite just getting handed a fat sack of gold. Still, with the Lannister’s victory only comes stabilization, not wealth thanks to their debts.

In King’s Landing, Jaime’s sister Cersei is being praised by the envoy from the Iron Bank, who never expected the Lannister’s house words to be so poignant. With the full support of the Iron Bank and two out of three of her enemy’s allies crippled, Cersei is feeling pretty good about her chances of winning this war. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on where your loyalties lie at this point) that feeling won’t last long.

Meanwhile, it was time for a Stark reunion in Winterfell that wasn’t completely awkward. Fans will remember Brandon returned home last week, only to be morbid and more than a little creepy to Sansa. There was speculation that his time studying under the Three Eyed Raven had changed his perspective, and that was confirmed this episode. However, it was revealed that all that might not be the worst – sister creeping notwithstanding.

Littlefinger, who orchestrated the demise of the Stark family behind the scenes throughout the early seasons, is trying to win…

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