Functional Medicine Doctor Uses Advanced Muscle Testing “ART” (Autonomic Response Testing) to Unlock the Hidden Health Code

Dr. Tony Salamay – Panama City Chiropractor

Dr. Tony Salamay, a chiropractor and nutritionist in Panama City, Florida, has been helping countless patients regain healthy lives through advancements in Functional Medicine and neurologically-based chiropractic care. Now, using the latest in Autonomic Response Testing (ART), Dr. Salamay identifies the hidden causes behind Floridians’ health problem.

The Bay Clinic of Chiropractic has long been home to a host of functional medical treatments, from chiropractic medicine to nutritional counseling to surface electromyography. Filling a void left by conventional medical practitioners who rely on drugs and surgery to treat symptoms, Dr. Salamay and his staff offer holistic treatments using a combination of traditional practical wisdom and the latest functional technology. ART is no exception, providing yet another window into chronic pain or illness, one that makes holistic, all-natural treatment even more effective.

Simply put, ART is a muscle testing system that involves biofeedback information from the muscles which corresponds to neurological reflexes and acupuncture points related to different parts of the body. Using a variety of digitally-monitored stressors, ART tests affected muscles in both passive and active (Yin and Yang) states, to get a complete picture of the body’s functionality. Based on the change in strength within the muscle responding to these stimuli, the doctor can find out where the weakness occurs and can administer the proper nutritional medicine to observe immediate change in muscle feedback based on the nervous system and electromagnetic field. This allows the doctor to know what is working in real time rather than relying on time and just solely on the symptoms of the patient.

The ART process is painless, comfortable, and entirely risk-free. Moreover, it allows the detection of traumas and irritation invisible to the naked eye, which allows for precise treatment on the part of Dr. Salamay and the Bay Clinic staff. The results of this method are objective, and ART eliminates guesswork by practitioners who previously could only rely on laboratory work and textbook identification of symptoms. With this form of muscle testing or kinesiology,…

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