Fullerton detailer Luis Rodriguez spent a week cleaning original Air Force One – Orange County Register

Luis Rodriguez washed his first car as a kid, summoned by one of his grandfathers to clean his Chevy Impala.

Every Sunday, grandson earned a quarter for his time.

Over the years, Rodriguez, a native New Yorker, picked up buffing secrets. He said he can still smell the petroleum-based wood floor wax his grandfather had him use on the Impala’s exterior.

“We’d all get drunk from the smell,” Rodriguez joked.

Now a car care professional, the Fullerton 49-year-old last month was one of 58 detailers from across the country summoned to restore the original Air Force One and 16 other aircraft at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

“It was a very tough week, very hard work,” Rodriguez said. “But at the end of the week, when everything is done, you look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, I detailed Air Force One.’”

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