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Brynn Elliott’s college experience has really been anything but typical. The 22-year-old Atlanta, Georgia native, who is currently enrolled in her senior year at Harvard University has been juggling her rising career in music while attempting to maintain a stellar GPA.

As a philosophy major she admits to procrastinating on midterm papers about philosopher Baruch Spinoza because a song idea had suddenly crept into her mind. Last year, she took a course on Albert Einstein and wound up writing a whole concept album for an assignment.

“The professor really encouraged us to do some more creative projects in the class,” she said. The result was a collection of songs about Einstein’s philosophy and theology. “I was actually excited to do that because it was something different than what you’d expect from an academic paper, but it allowed Einstein to breathe a little more in my head and it made him more human to me.”

During breaks in between semesters and on the weekends, Elliott has built a name for herself in the music industry. She started out playing small coffee shops, bars and clubs and has progressed to opening for larger national touring acts such as Brandi Carlile, Alanis Morissette, Grace Potter and Allen Stone.

She’s currently out on the Looking for Summer Tour, co-headlined by rock bands Lifehouse and Switchfoot. Though the semester has officially begun back at Harvard, Elliott will open for the remainder of the jaunt, which stops at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sept. 9 and officially wraps in San Francisco on Sunday, Sept. 10.

“This tour has been such a dream,” she said during a recent phone interview as she also admitted to nerding out night after night as Lifehouse belts out “Hanging by a Moment” and Switchfoot delivers its single “Dare You to Move.”

Elliott said that she’s taken each opportunity she’s been given to study the artists she’s had the fortune of touring with. On this outing, she’s leaned heavily on Switchfoot vocalist-guitarist Jon Foreman.

“He’s really helped me in tapping into what’s unique about me,” she said.

She’s watched Stone command his audiences, Carlile exude confidence and witnessed fans connect with Foreman’s each and every lyric.

“I’ve been trying to kind of find out what my style is and being able to learn from all of them is the greatest gift ever,” she added.

So far, Elliott has released two catchy and yet very different singles this year…

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