From the phsyical to the metaphysical: from the perceptible to the intelligible: from the universe to God

We come into this universe and are already provided with means of perception. We already have systems of thought, of senses, of reasoning, of feelings,of searching and of concluding. We have a life-span, a period of time, in which we have to live our life-cycle and we are faced with a vast, nearly endless and alive universe.

One wonders why all these things are, characteristics and features, phenomena of life and death, time and matter, space and movement,  development from nothing and an end into nothing if we discard Laplace’s point of view, dust for dust and ashes to ashes. We wonder what’s it all about! Whether we think we live an illusion or reality does not annul the fact that we are here and have to face the universe for a while. Then, we have to make our reverence and exit.

We have one life and aforced one on everyone, unless you are Buddhist and believe in Karma where your soul survives death and you are reincarnated in an animal, human or a cockroach. Nothing can prove such a Karma for no one has returned yet to tell his story.

However, what seems to be the case is that our life cycle is made in such a way to oblige us to confront with our Living Unieverse of which we cannot possibly escape, not even by death.For death is part of our life-cycle and we have to confront it whether we like it or not at one time or another, all is decide before hand, unless you know when you are going to die. Such confrontation is inevitable and obligatory for every human being who does not die as a baby.

We, at one time or another, if not in many ocasions, or even often, reflect on our life, our being, our form and shape, our life cycle, our inevitable death. We all have the curiosity to look into the universe, into ourselves, others, and think, conclude making our own judgments and convictions. we would like to be free but we are not, confined to a specific physique with specific dimensions and features, constituents and structure, specific psychological…

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