From A Passion To 250k Viewers – The Rise To The Top

About David Siteman And ‘Rise To The Top’
For a long time David suppressed his passion for broadcasting and a drive for success. Fast-forward a few years and he now has an internet show with a quarter million viewers and growing. He’s been featured on CNN, CBS, and the New York Times, and his broadcasting dream has turned into a highly profitable enterprise.

Passion and Drive
David speaks about having a passion for broadcasting since he was very little but never pursued it. He became an entrepreneur and was working in the hockey industry and ended up on a radio show in St. Louis. He came up with a random idea for rise to the top in a coffee shop.

He loves the freedom that being self employed brings and the ability to “Be Your Own Boss” as well as being your own testing lab, which as he says can accelerate your journey faster. It took David only a few years to be a broadcaster in an industry where 20+ years is the norm.

Difficulties Of Being An Entrepreneur
The area he finds most difficult about being an entrepreneur is whether to Outsourcing more stuff or insourcing more stuff. Being lean and making sure that the bottom-line remains as low, while ensuring the services offered remain of a high standard is balance every business big or small tries to find. Although he tries to do things himself, David points out that his business has grown because he has been getting better at employing the right people to get the job done. The other area he has been getting better at is adapting as things change and keeping options to remain flexible.

Networking is another important factor for David. Finding like-minded entrepreneur that he resonates with and draws inspiration from is important.

Targeting Your Audience
David remains active on social media which allows people to know who he is. He has learnt that to build an audience you have to do it literally one person at a time. He has done everything possible to build this audience. For two years he put his name on the map…

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