Friedrich Rushes Donation of A/C Units to Aid Hurricane Harvey Emergency Responders on Texas Coast

Friedrich donation will help emergency responders assisting in aftermath of Harvey in Aransas County

Two hundred Friedrich Chill room air conditioners, totaling 10,400-pounds of window A/C units worth an estimated $55,000, will be delivered by Friedrich employees tomorrow to Rockport, a Texas coastal town that has been devastated by Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey.

The donated Friedrich A/C units will be used by the Rockport Volunteer Fire Department, which is struggling to provide shelter for emergency responders in the area, including law enforcement officers, volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel and dispatchers, after many have lost their own homes and businesses. As a result, nearly 100 emergency responders are currently camped out in the tiny Rockport fire station, where conditions are exhausting, uncomfortable and cramped. The situation is similar across the county, in fire stations and police stations alike.

“The destruction is unfathomable and the community desperately needs help, so we’re doing everything we can to keep our local emergency responders in the area,” said Gillian Tate, volunteer firefighter. “Those of us who still have homes standing in the area must get them up and running as soon as possible with water, showers, and air conditioning, to provide adequate shelter for our emergency responders so they can continue to provide assistance and support for so many here who need it.”

Earlier this week, Tate posted a plea on Rockport Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page, asking for a donation of air conditioning units to help emergency responders throughout Aransas County to start rebuilding their own lives while they work around the clock to assist the community. Having witnessed the wrath of Harvey on so many local communities in horror, San Antonio-based Friedrich didn’t hesitate when it saw Rockport’s request for the large donation of air conditioners.

“Friedrich contacted us and said, ‘Tell us what you need,’” said Tate. “I said we have an urgent need for 50 A/C units, but we could really use 200. They said, ‘Consider it done.’”

Because freight transportation to the area is severely limited due to the extensive storm damage, Friedrich…

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