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Q. Hi Honk. During the construction of the tollway in the middle of the 91 freeway through Corona, there were markings on the eastbound lanes designating which lane to get into for the northbound or southbound I-15 transition. These were very helpful, and I have seen them in other states. However, for some reason once they finished construction, the lane markings were removed. Why? Do they plan on putting them back on the lanes? The posted, overhead signs are sometimes confusing if you can’t tell exactly which lane the arrow is above.

Dave Mihalik, Lake Forest

A. Jocelyn Whitfield, a Caltrans spokeswoman for Riverside and San Bernardino counties, said such markings do exist out in that stretch you are referring to, Dave, in the 91 Express Lanes that now extend well into Riverside County. They are even in color, with the logo, or shield, of the freeway you are about to hop onto.

Whitfield said she talked with various Caltrans staffers who cover that stretch, and they weren’t aware of any such markings out there before the construction occurred, and they aren’t out there now, either.

Dave and Honk have had a number of chats, and Dave insisted he has never taken the Express Lanes, a tollway that runs along the 91’s median.

Honk’s readers are crazy accurate, so this is all a head-scratcher for him. He does know this: Those type of markings in the lanes are indeed fantastic.

Honk sometimes plays Gumby, bending his neck to see if an arrow on one of those overhead signs is indeed pointing to his lane. Recently, while maneuvering the Honkmobile through Phoenix, he was thankful for such lane markings, especially so far from his turf.

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