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If you have started your blog or website and you are about to get into an internet business, then you must have planned how to avoid plagiarism. For the starters, avoiding plagiarism is pretty difficult job. If you are a new blogger then you might not have enough resources to get the premium accounts with plagiarism checkers and services available online. Mostly, these services offer you free of cost of services with limited features but they keep encouraging you to have your premium account with them. If you really can’t afford to have a paid account to check your content for the plagiarism, you may try the following ways to avoid any duplication of content. 

Check Your Content with Famous Search Engines


Google, Yahoo and many other search engines have pretty strong mechanism to catch the recent developments going on online. If you develop a webpage today and you have quality contents, these search engines will catch up with your web page on their own. They’ll add it into their lists or directories. This is an automated process and it will help you match your own written text with their existing contents. For instance, you have written an essay and your topic is environmental pollution. You want to check it, whether you have written the unique content or not. You have to put your content into the search box of the search engine and do as you normally search for some topic. Try to put content of not more than 200 words at one time because most of these search engines are not made to search for the content exceeding 200 words. This word count limit will be varied from one search engine to another. If any part of your content matches with the existing material that has been saved for environmental pollution in the directories of these search engines, then it must be displayed in the search engine. So it can be really helpful method to avoid plagiarism. If you find something matching in your content then you must rephrase it.


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