Franchised Auto Dealers Can Now Accurately Assess Their Dealership’s Safety Recall Liability With Recall Liability Score sm, From AutoAp, Inc.

Do You Know Your Safety Recall Liability Score?

We are pleased to offer this industry-first recall management assessment tool, giving dealers an easy way to quantify their current recall liability and move towards best practices.”, Mark Paul, CEO, AutoAp, Inc.

Problem: Due to the significant number of NHTSA and OEM recall status errors and publishing delays, it is nearly impossible for dealers to confidently know the accurate daily recall status on all of their new and used, in-brand and off-brand vehicle inventory. This increases the likelihood that dealers will inadvertently sell vehicles with open safety recalls – even in-brand vehicles – resulting in increased liability if a sold vehicle is involved in an accident attributed to an unrepaired safety recall.

Safety recall compliance issues facing today’s auto retailers are complex and require a top-down management commitment. Federal (NHTSA, DEQ, FTC), state and even local regulations affect how dealers must operate with regard to vehicles with open safety recalls, but the first step towards recall management best-practices is to assess where a dealer’s current safety recall management efforts ranks them regarding safety recall compliance and potential liability.

“Establishing a baseline for current recall management effectiveness, dealer principals can begin their critical process examination and learn where improvements need to be made. Ignoring ineffective recall management practices guarantees that a dealer will remain at high risk. I applaud AutoAp for making this available for all dealers. It is timely and extremely valuable.” David Nathanson, Managing Partner at motormindz.

Solution: To help dealers lower their safety recall liability, AutoAp has developed the industry’s first comprehensive and accurate safety recall liability assessment service for dealers to identify where safety recall management improvements are needed at their dealerships. Participants receive a custom report with their current recall liability score, how they compare with the industry average and to dealers with highly effective safety recall management processes, along with specific recommendations that can dramatically reduce their safety recall…

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