Four Design Ideas to Complement Wall Fountains

Wall fountains used to be a purely functional facility. People flocked to it to get water, wash their clothes and bathe. Today, they are more appreciated for their aesthetic value than for their historical purpose. Nevertheless, one cannot discount the impact they have on a home’s facade. But people should recognize that a water fountain alone does not make much of a difference in how beautiful a place looks if it is not coupled with other decorative efforts. To give you some ideas on how to better the design of your house, here are some things you might want to add with your water fountain.


a. Plants. These are probably the most accessible accessories to water fountains you can secure. Just imagine a canopy of Bougainvillea over your outdoor wall fountain or a few water lilies floating on your basin. Doesn’t it make your wall fountain look more refreshing? But aside from that, what is most appealing to this set up is the fact that you can pair up a wall fountain’s humidifying effect with that of a plant’s ability to recycle carbon dioxide. Not only will you be improving the air quality within the fountain’s area, you will also be able to enhance people’s health. And as if that’s not enough, the pairing of water and earth elements is bound to enable both to achieve their fullest potential when it comes to protecting a home’s life force and giving its inhabitants fortune and energy.


b. Lights. There’s no better way to enhance beauty than with the right lighting. You can choose to install small, multi-colored LEDs or get spotlights instead to highlight some of the amazing details of your water fountain décor. If you prefer, you could buy wall fountains that already have built in lights. That way, you can save on effort and extra expenses.


c. Theme-Associated Ornaments. In addition to the first two, you could also pick out fixtures that would match a particular motif and place them around the wall fountain. For example, if you are looking to foster an Asian ambiance, you could collect pottery and metal art that touches on Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Malay culture. Then you could arrange them side by side with the fountain to give off a more genuine impression of the design intent. It would be best if you don’t go overboard with these accents though as you may overwhelm the centrepiece by the end of it.


d. Space. Sometimes, the best way to emphasize the exquisiteness of a certain embellishment is to give it room. In this…

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