Former Boy Scout claims troop leader sexually abused him for years

Chris was an 11-year-old Boy Scout in New Jersey when he says his life became consumed with a dark secret.

“You do everything you can to block it out of your mind,” he said.

Chris, whose last name “Nightline” is withholding at his request, says his Boy Scout troop leader, Stephen Corcoran, sexually abused him hundreds of times over five years, from the time he was 11 until he was 16.

“I couldn’t even tell you every location it happened in,” Chris said. “It became it became that normal.”

Chris claims Corcoran began paying special attention to him as soon as he joined the troop and eventually became a trusted family friend. But along the way, according to Chris, things took a sickening turn.

Weeks after he hit puberty, Chris said Corcoran took him over to his apartment before one of their troop meetings and said, “Hey, I got some beer in the fridge for you. Help yourself.”

“Then he breaks out a stash of porn,” Chris said. “Then one thing led to another, but at that point, you know, I was 11 and essentially intoxicated … not knowing what to do, what was happening to my body.”

“I was literally frozen,” he continued. “I just couldn’t move.”

Chris, now an adult, said he is finally sharing his story publically, two decades later. His adulthood, he said, is plagued by depression, anxiety and anger.

“I’ve had this kind of whirlwind of mess throughout my adult life,” he said. “I’m still dealing with this, like it happened yesterday.”

Chris, along with two other former Boy Scouts who also allege Corcoran abused them, have filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America, saying the organization did not do enough to prevent the sexual abuse.

“Who’s the only guy in the troop without a kid there … and then look at his interaction with the kids,” Chris said. “If you knew there was a problem like this and someone was down there with knowledge of what ‘grooming’ looks like you’re going to spot it in five minutes. They chose not to do this.”

Chris said there was no escaping the abuse and eventually, he said, he was spending hours at a time with Corcoran.

The abuse, he said, even continued on troop outings, including a group ski trip. Chris has a photo from that trip that shows an unidentified adult man in his underwater sitting next to him.

“Those are his boxers,” Chris said, pointing to the man in the photo. “So at what point does someone say, ‘Hey there’s a problem here.’…

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