For $20 million, even a Ferrari gets an ocean view – from the garage – Orange County Register

You can see inside the glass spa. It’s set behind the bar in the disco. A woman in a mermaid fin floated around in the water as a group of real estate agents toured the house.

The homeowner’s electric red Ferrari also has quite a view. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean – through windows in the garage.

And the 5,560-square-foot Laguna Beach house comes with something likely more coveted. A private part of a public beach.

Dr. Jason Liu, who is selling the home, says he doesn’t make it down to Laguna often enough from his other house. That one is on Linda Isle in Newport Beach.

So recently, the radiologist put the modern, multi-level Laguna house on the market. Price tag: $20 million.

Liu was on hand for the broker preview, happily boggeying to the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” as laser pyrotechnics lit up the dance floor. He built the house five years ago, he said, designing the interiors himself.

The right buyer, Liu figured, probably will be a celebrity or athlete. “Someone who appreciates party time,” he added.

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