Follett Corporation Selects Haivision Media Platform for Streaming All Hands Meetings Globally

The Haivision Media Platform easily delivers secure, high quality video to targeted audiences on their preferred device and screen. This allows enterprises like Follett to improve communications, foster an inclusive corporate culture and increase alignment with company goals.

Haivision, a market leader in enterprise video and streaming solutions, announced today that Follett Corporation, the leading provider of education technology, services, and physical and digital content, has selected the Haivision Media Platform as its enterprise video solution.

With a mandate to use video technology to better engage and inspire employees across its headquarters and remote offices, Follett turned to Haivision as the solution. To keep employees aligned with the company’s goals and make sure they are united in support of the company strategy, Follett Corporation will use Haivision’s end-to-end enterprise video solution to drive employee awareness and further strengthen the company’s culture.

The Haivision Media Platform will allow executives and the corporate communication team to quickly and easily broadcast town hall meetings and executive addresses live to more than 12,000 employees who will actively participate by watching on any screen, including desktops, mobile devices and TVs. Follett will also use the system to greatly expand the accessibility of its Haivision Coolsign corporate signage communications, which the company currently broadcasts to monitors strategically placed across the company’s properties.

The Follett Corporation’s vision was achieved with close collaboration with Haivision and systems integrator AVI Systems. With the Haivision Media Platform’s flexible and scalable enterprise video solution, Follett has realized its goal of better connecting the organization and internal promotion of a more modern and inclusive corporation.

With flexible delivery, employees can watch on any screen – desktops, monitors, and mobile devices – or come together to watch in common areas, executive offices, auditoriums and conference rooms.

“With video, we have a powerful tool to help our team members better understand the direction of the company and how their own work connects to Follett’s success,” Rick Ellspermann,…

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