Float Like A Duck Launches Inspirational Water Safety PSA Series, “Learning to swim, led me to…”

Aqua Ambassadors Kaylee and Megan Chung share how “Learning to swim, led them to be competitive swimmers.”

“Swimming is a fundamental skill for any aquatic recreational activity,” states Vassallo. “It is also an important and often required skillset for many jobs and careers.”

Float Like a Duck™, water safety initiative is expanding its positive messaging by launching the “Learning to swim, led me to…”™ PSA campaign. The campaign was created to inform and inspire youth about exciting adventures and career opportunities one can enjoy from learning how to swim.

The multi-series, PSA video campaign showcases a wide-range of individuals and groups from around the Southern Nevada community who credit their path to personal growth, success and accomplishments in sports, academics, recreational activities and careers from learning to swim. The first of the PSA series -Our Friends was released Memorial Day Weekend in conjunction with National Water Safety Month (May) and the 14th annual Float Like A Duck event.


Program presenter, water safety activist Joseph Vassallo, CBP and his sidekick Duckie the Mascot introduce the PSA, that was created and produced by Publicist Mary Vail, MBA. Assisting Vail with production was KOI Visual who provided videography, editing and sound.

“Swimming builds physical strength and endurance,” notes Vassallo. “Achieving the ability to swim also builds character and bolsters one’s confidence to try other activities.”

From a dolphin care supervisor, to a robotic surgeon, competitive swimmers, military personnel, professional mermaids, water polo players, synchronized swimmers, pool personnel, swimming coaches, show performers, first…

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