FlexiblePouches.com Announces a Lineup of Wholesale Pouches, Including Stand Up Zipper Bags and ASTM-Compliant Child Resistant Packaging, Available for Purchase Online

Stand Up Pouches, projected to command an impressive $33.4 Billion in market cap by 2020, are the fastest growing flexible display packaging style across the CPG industry.

We strive to become a trusted partner of all of our clients, ultimately helping them grow to heights they may have never imagined. -Apurva Batra, Founder & CEO at FlexiblePouches.com

FlexiblePouches.com, an industry leader in the flexible packaging space, is proud to announce the addition of an e-commerce portal featuring wholesale reclosable stand up pouches, flat pouches or vacuum seal bags, and child resistant packaging. All packaging products are constructed out of high barrier specialty films laminated in a sandwich-like structure, engineered to prevent moisture, oxygen, and odor ingress. The company also custom manufactures flexible pouches including printing the client’s artwork using rotogravure presses. Gravure printing is the most sophisticated printing technique available to flexible packaging products like stand up barrier bags, resulting in graphics where colors look particularly rich and vibrant on plastic film and kraft paper substrates.

Stand Up Pouches are the fastest growing segment of the global flexible packaging market, projected to reach a market cap of about $33.4 Billion by 2020. This high-stakes playing field has historically meant a competitive disadvantage for many newer brands that can’t afford to custom run 50,000 or 100,000 units of packaging for a singular design or SKU.

For FlexiblePouches.com, clients have ranged in size from international corporations to mom-and-pops like food startups. Despite the wide range, founder and CEO Apurva Batra emphasizes the importance his company gives to the smaller brands. “Custom printed flexible packaging has historically been out of reach for the masses due to unreasonably high setup costs and MOQs that simply don’t make sense for startups and small businesses,” says Batra. He adds, “Packaging is arguably the most crucial yet most overlooked aspect of new product design, and poor packaging is considered the reason for why nearly 95% of all new products fail within their first year of launch. At FlexiblePouches.com, we want to remove as many barriers as possible…

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