Five Sales Training Tips for the Desktop Warrior

OK, let’s be clear from the beginning: this article has five tips for the 21st century salesman who works from his desktop to achieve better sales – they are not tips on how to give sales training, but from people who conduct sales training themselves.

This article provides five simple tips to bring your work under control and actualize your sales. So here goes:

1.Recapture your time – All the new tools and software your bosses are throwing at you keeps inundating you with data and pulling you in a million directions at the same time. Get rid of the distractions and recapture your time to spend it proactively for new business opportunities, not for sorting old data – delegate to someone who loves counting numbers and not counting sales.

2.Use your email and voice messaging to full effect – People don’t have time to talk, and it’s not always possible to do the job under three minutes. So, break up the message in formats where the target can access them when he/she is interested and has time. Learn to use emails and voice mails to their full effect – don’t pour out everything in a single mail, but use a series of short emails, voice messages, and direct phone calls to get things done. Because, no one can give you so much time, nowadays, at a single sitting. But, reserving your best only for physical meetings is a mistake. Spread your sales strategy throughout the short bits of different modes of communication.

3.Don’t waste time with those who are not decision makers – Companies give fancy titles to people just to act as foils and steer off distraction. You can’t blame them. But learn quickly to spot people who do not have the power to make a purchase decision. It’s awful to spend a month after a fancy title holder, he keeps on asking for new proposals and better estimates only to learn he’s not the guy who takes the decision, or has any say on the matter. If you go for a kill, find the throat at first shot, don’t poke around…

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