Five Keys to Spiritual Development

When people hear the words “personal improvement”, they usually think of improving one’s physical appearance and professional career. But just how often do they associate the term with spiritual development? People are so fixated on external appearances and material gains that they forget that one crucial aspect in their lives that they need to work on for inner peace and overall serenity. Below are five keys for you to consider and follow for a holistic approach to self growth.


  1. Control your negative thoughts. Hypercritical and pessimistic thoughts have no place in spiritual development Try this small experiment: in the privacy of your bedroom, think of two thoughts – one positive, one negative. For the former, think of your happiest childhood memory. Look at how thinking that very thought impacts you physically. You feel warm and fuzzy, right? That lovely feeling makes you “light up” from within. That’s your spiritual side being nurtured, transforming you into a happy person.


Now on to the negative thought. Recall the last time you were insulted so badly it made you cry or gnash your teeth in anger. How do you feel now? Probably not very good; in fact, you might be clenching your fists now and wishing you could get back at that person. The inner peace you easily attained from thinking happy thoughts has now been thrown out the window.


From that experiment alone, you can see why you should control negative thoughts and focus instead on positive ones for the sake of your spiritual development.


  1. Restrain your actions. Don’t be irrational or hasty. Learn to control your actions especially during very challenging times when we tend to panic. When the going gets tough, use that opportunity to step back, lay low and analyze the situation. You will find yourself making better decisions that way rather than letting your knee-jerk reactions get the better of you.


  1.  Balance your sorrows with happiness. For your spiritual development, you must find a positive influence to counter each negative influence in your life. For example:  an individual you considered to be a very good person has betrayed you. Rather than dwell on how you lost a friend, think of the real friends you have remaining who have stuck with you through thick and thin. Forget the person who wronged you and seek the company and comfort of tried and true friends. They will help you get back your inner peace and allow you to…

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