Five key words reading lamp store lighting industry trends 2010

Lighting Marketplace is a platform, a carrier with producers, distributors, customers, logistics providers and other aspects of the platform, a gathering of information flow, capital flow, logistics flow platform. Premises, rent, advertising, transportation, products, business models and other important terms of key words form a lighting store.

1, the rent increase or the decline of the?

In 2009, for more than 10 million domestic lighting distributor, the store rent is a thorn in mind. Among the complaints from the business, such as optimal for sesame general store still rents, climbing. In particular, to the end of business are a inventory, a lot of bad business than usual, but the rental costs are higher than a mile. In Beijing, many businesses and the market rent for stores side there is no consensus, so the tenants to leave or stay once caught in the embarrassing situation. Price increase has caused uproar in the business.

Of course, there are lighting markets assess the situation fully into account the actual situation of business and reduce the rent market tenants are to ease the pressure on tenants who were anti-crisis. Heilongjiang Dragon Lighting is one of the representatives of the city. It is reported that in December 2008, Dragon Lighting City rental prices were lower, negative on the first floor from the original 60 yuan / square meter? Month to 20 yuan / square meter? Month, while the second and third floors will each reduce 20 yuan / square meter? month, falling rents tentatively for 5 months.

2010, recovery in the macroeconomic environment of the state, the store how to adjust the rent level is directly related to the survival of the death merchants. Therefore, the store rents are rising, or turned down, a hot topic this year.

2, large shop dealers how to deal with the relationship?

After years of development, the strength of the Chinese lighting dealers increasingly large area of more than 1000 square meters store dealers and countless stores and even some dealers have been occupied by a few giants. In 2009, stores across the country, the strength of dealers to open shops is growing. If Orient Mall, Jinpeng, and Huang-room flat shared with the Eastern position of more than 3000 square meters; Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province of East China market three years, modern lighting, Jiujiang, Jiujiang, China and Thailand lighting, golden sunshine lighting Jiujiang, Jiujiang Pan lamp lighting a store Four giant, took up half the area of the…

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