Five Awesome Knitting Yarn Colours!

Knitting yarn can be found in a huge variety of colour choices. There are shades to suit just about every style. To follow are some options for colours which might like to try – t hey will certainly add some vibrancy to your next knitting project.

Purple is an outstanding colour choice for many reasons. The dark tone makes the yarn very forgiving. It softens the texture of the fabric. That means if you are a beginner and have made a few mistakes, they are less noticeable.

Furthermore, purple is one of those traditional fall colours, evoking the deep hues of the season. It is a great compliment to cool complexions. Not only is purple rich and regal, it seems to exude warmth and comfort. It feels warm so it is perfect for Fall and Winter sweaters and scarves. Purple can be found in many different shades from pale lilac to deep hues of amethyst, which are more suitable for spring and summer.

Light pink is another colour that many people like try. The delicacy of this hue makes it ideal for lightweight knitted items such as cardigans and scarves. It is an obvious choice for girl’s knitted garments from hats, to socks, to sweaters. Pink also lends a feminine touch to adult clothing. Its fresh radiance brings a pretty accent to dark dresses and coats in the winter. You might like to further enhance pink yarn by accenting knitted garments with beads or sequins.

Pink can be found in a variety of shades, which leads to another colour suggestion, hot pink. This bright magenta shade is full of cheer and youthfulness. In fact, it can brighten up your day just by wearing it. Wearing a hot pink scarf or hat is a great way to introduce a sense of play. Hot pink is a good choice for kids clothing because it looks so lively and bright.

A list of top colours for knitting yarn would not be complete without the classic, black. A black knitted garment is extremely versatile and can be paired with many other colours. Consider Audrey Hepburn’s black knitted cardigans. They were a…

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