Fitness Shoes Styles in 2011

Although fitness shoes has already born for a long time, with more sports brands joined the fitness shoes camp and developed positively in the Chinese market in 2011, this blast of fitness shoes tide truly swept throughout the vast land of China. As for the increasingly rapid pace of life, it has become an extravagant hope to maintain a regular exercise habit. This trend is particularly evident for female white-collar workers. With the target of “quietly” remodeling beauty bodies in daily life, fitness shoes itself turns to be one of the subjects, which will be researched by manufactures of footwear.

There were sports brands, which kept on researching and developing fitness shoes in 2011, in addition, a number of fashionable sports brands all launched their featured products of fitness shoes respectively. As a professional sports shoes medium, we will naturally focus our attention on this new hot area. We chose a few types of representative fitness shoes that appeared on the market of last year this time, and we will analyze their model body principles for you briefly.

Kappa cut a smart figure on last year’s market of fitness shoes for women. CURVES fitness shoes were released through working together with Karen, and its eye-catching modeling made it been the market’s central point. The exercise design principle of CURVES was “seek balance out of imbalance”, and the special double circular bottom shoe type design has also been used. More energy will be burned at the same time of firming up legs, and it is likely to create urban females the new fitness notion of “extra time and energy are not needed”. Unceasing drive beautiful source will be provided for females who put on it, and the integration and unity will be achieved from exercise to beauty.

The new winter version continued to the sexy characteristic of CURVES fitness, and it integrated the winter fashion elements in at the same time. The winter version CURVES women shoes took full account of differences of different regions’ winter climates and females’ preferences to different shoes types. At the same time, this version also launched a variety of shoes styles, including winter boots version, mid-side version and low-side version.

On choosing fabrics, this style highlighted the design directing at weather differences, and it skillfully mixed fashion together with warmth. In order to better satisfy the requirement of matching and environmental feature of winter, color option and matching were made on…

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