FitFight Launches the Revolutionary New Way for Athletes Around the World to Compete for Cash, Products and Pride

Superior Fitness Through Constant Competition

Our Concept 2 Rower competition saw 2 world records broken and participants from over 11 different countries–not bad for a live beta test.

FitFight LLC has launched a mobile based platform that allows every user to create and engage in fitness challenges around cash, product or pride based incentives. And with two world records broken by competitors in their Concept 2 Rower Challenge, it’s clear that world class athletes are already gravitating to this offering. Currently on iOS with an Android version under development, this solution to online fitness challenges makes it more convenient than ever for athletes from around the world to compete anytime, anywhere. With the option to create both public and private challenges, FitFight offers a customizable, socially connected experience that athletes and challenge organizers can tailor to their own needs and the motivations of their followers.

Steve Forti, the Founder/CEO of FitFight, is a warrior who knows about how to motivate himself and others when the incentive is truly life or death. A retired Special Forces Green Beret with over 23 years of military experience, the idea for FitFight came from his time in the Special Operations community. “I was on a deployment in 2010, competing in fitness challenges with my team members over email [sharing our scores]. It just stuck with me that there are athletes with a gladiatorial spirit all around the world who want to compete, but because of distance or technology, they can’t or don’t do it.”

“FitFight is the only free, mobile platform that truly simplifies the competition experience” says Co-Founder and Navy Diver Caleb Diebolt. “The interface lets you set rules, promote your…

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