First Ever MBA Certificate Program Announced to Help Interior Designers Master the Complexities of Their Businesses and Improve Their Bottom Lines

An MBA for Interior Designers

“No one has studied our industry with the academic rigor that David Shepherd provides, yet he has the amazing knack of making complex subjects seem simple.”

Interior designers now have access to the business education they need to manage their very complex businesses and earn the type of incomes they deserve. The 12-week course is available at The next semester begins January 23, 2018, and students may register and take the first three weeks free in order to fairly assess the value of the program.

The Interior Design MBA Program was created by university professor and interior design business expert, David Shepherd. Shepherd has created and taught small business courses for some of the top business schools in the nation, and has now focused those skills on the industry he has worked in since 2002.

Shepherd previously created the industry’s largest business skills conference, its largest national coaching network, and has worked as coach and consultant for scores of designers ranging from sole practitioners to principals of 20-person firms.

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of designers over the years, and it almost never fails that they are bright, creative people who have simply never had the business courses their complex business demands,” Shepherd said. “In fact, theirs is probably the most complex business to run I have ever seen, and yet most get no business education along the way.

“I knew if I could reduce what they really need to know into a format that is convenient, accessible, and affordable, I could change many of their lives. These are the same skills that I have used to dramatically improve the profitability of my coaching and consulting clients, and now any designer can learn them in an intensive, 12-week format.”

The Interior Design MBA Certificate Program is currently delivered in a 12-week format. Each week, students receive notification that new content has been added to their online dashboard at Students watch videos, complete exercises, take quizzes, participate in discussions, and join David Shepherd for six live webinars during the semester-long course.

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