First Digital Advisor for Customer Success and Support Launches to Help Leaders Always Take the Smartest Next Step

Klever Insight empowers teams to make strategic changes — usually the last thing they have time to work on — rapidly and easily.

High-pressure and often resource-constrained Customer Success and Support teams now have a digital ally in their quest to vastly improve operations rather than only manage break-fixes: Klever Insight, the first-ever, interactive digital advisor that leverages everyone’s expertise to help customer success and support leaders always know “the smartest next step” to best engage employees and customers.

Rebranded from Klever to Klever Insight, the company brings to market a platform that combines company-specific with collective industry expertise to help Success and Support teams set and achieve strategic goals, along with modern ways to measure their success. Klever Insight was co-founded by a team of life-long customer support experts.

“We are excited to announce the Klever Insight Beta Program, which already has two leading companies on board,” said Phil Verghis, Klever Insight co-founder and CEO. “We felt it was important to rebrand as Klever Insight because until now, Klever was about optimizing operations from a people and process perspective. With the launch of the Klever Insight Beta program, we want to make it clear that we have, effectively, open-sourced business process improvements via our new SaaS platform. Success and Support leaders are incredibly open and sharing, and what we’ve done is place that extraordinary level of expertise right in your back pocket, so to speak — always there, always updated and improved, and always ready to help.

“The Klever Insight Digital Advisor empowers teams to make strategic changes — usually the last thing they have time to work on — rapidly and easily,” said Verghis. “For example, it would generally take six calendar weeks to prioritize strategic initiatives and come up with a plan for each team. Klever Insight helps them do this in just one hour — with data-driven recommendations, tools and measures for each and every manager.”

The Klever Insight Digital Advisor understands, guides and measures

Klever Insight combines high levels of industry expertise with company-specific knowledge gained from customer-facing employees. As…

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