First Annual “Q2B – Quantum Computing for Business” Conference Convenes in Mountain View, CA, Dec 4-6, 2017

Q2B 2017

Anyone interested in the future of Quantum Computing for their business, at any level, is encouraged to attend by registering at

Friday, December 1, 2017, QC Ware, a leading QC software developer, announces the first annual “Q2B – Quantum Computing for Business” conference. The conference is hosted by QC Ware and NASA-Ames Research Center, and will occur at the NASA-Ames Conference Center in Mountain View, CA on Dec 4-6, 2017.

Q2B 2017 is sponsored by industry leaders in QC technology development including Google, ATOS, Volkswagen, D-Wave, QC Ware, and EeroQ.

“Google is proud to back Q2B because it fosters the collaborative spirit of QC development we are encouraging – by developing applications, in tandem with hardware, is key to the eventual proliferation of quantum computing,” said Alan Ho, head of business development within Google’s quantum computing group. “Q2B is the perfect forum to stimulate these efforts.”

“The aim of Q2B is to demystify quantum computing and to develop a common understanding of the ground truths about this new computational technology. We want to take the conversation out of the clouds for a few days, and to provide a forum for those interested, and actively invested, in bringing QC to the mainstream market,” said Matt Johnson, QC Ware CEO. “The need for this type of conference has been made apparent by the enthusiasm and participation of our speakers, sponsors, and attendees.”

Q2B kicks off with a half-day “QC Boot Camp” at 1:30 pm Monday, December 4th, with presentations on the QC hardware and algorithm landscapes, an introduction to quantum processing and programming, and potential commercial QC applications.

On Tuesday, December 5th, the main conference begins with a keynote address by Caltech’s John Preskill, followed by a lineup of speakers including Google’s John Martinis, D-Wave’s Bo Ewald, and industry leaders from VW, Goldman Sachs, and Airbus. The day will close with a summary by public-sector officials from the US, China and the EU, who will discuss their QC investment and programs. The day will be capped-off with a happy hour so attendees, speakers and sponsors can talk in a more casual setting.

Wednesday, Dec 6th, the morning…

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