Finding What’s Real In A World Of Illusions” Is A Guide Letting The Lord Help Navigate Through The Rough Times In Life

“House of Mirrors: Finding What’s Real in a World of Illusions”: a powerful and insightful work that guides the reader to find the importance in life, and to recognize the illusions to better avoid them. “House of Mirrors: Finding What’s Real in a World of Illusions” is the creation of published author, J. H. Whitson, a strong woman, and gifted writer.

The author believes that God continues to call her into ministry to this day. Her life has been all about life lessons and taking time to reflect on the lessons she has learned through every experience in her life—good and/or bad! She says, “I am ready to walk on and move forward into whatever God has planned for my life and I know that I am not going it alone. I know that it is God that is by my side every moment of every day and his mercies are new every morning.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, J. H. Whitson’s new book is about deciphering what in this world is of importance and merritt, and what is just the background noise.

J.H. says, “There’s a mid-sized trailer that sets its wheels down on the fairground every year, and on that trailer is a little room. In that little room, there are about thirty mirrors that are designed to be a confusing maze, and a challenge to escape from, once entered.

The object of this house of mirrors is to see if you can walk through the maze of mirrors and get out on the other end without getting lost inside that maze of illusions. When I was a young child, I would get stuck in that maze so many times. I would always get fooled by the illusion that there was a way out right in front of me. But again, I would walk straight ahead, and bam! I would hit another mirror! Clearly, not the way out!

Every year, I would go back to the fair to try it again. Each time I would ultimately find my way out, but not without a few knots on my forehead and a few tears of frustration. Why did I keep torturing myself, you may ask? Well, that’s an easy answer for me. I would think about this House of Mirrors all year long between fairs, and I just really wanted to figure this out! I was pretty bent on knowing there must be an easier way to do this. A rocket scientist, I’m not; however, there are always great lessons to be learned in the process of…

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