Finding the Perfect Necklace for your Neckline

Fashion dictates that everything must look and feel perfect. As the late Coco Chanel said, a girl has to be two things: classy and fabulous and what else personifies classy and fabulous than great jewelry? Whether you go for classic, fine jewelry or trendy and stylish fashion jewelry, one thing is for certain: diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but Swarovski crystals are her family.

One of the major pieces of jewelry that complete any fashion statement is the necklace. Necklaces have been worn since ancient civilization even pre-dating the invention of writing. The wearing of necklaces is believed to have started during the Stone Age, wherein necklaces were not strung with strings, twines or chains but strong vines and remnants of animal sinews left over from hunts that were tied together and adorned with shells, bones or teeth, as well as bird feathers, corals, carved pieces of wood and basically anything cave men could scrounge for.

From these primeval beginnings, the necklace slowly evolved into prettier, more solid pieces particularly during the Bronze Age, where humans learned how to melt and manipulate metal and cast it into shapes. Bronze, copper, silver, gold, electrum and platinum were only some of the popular metals used to create eye-catching designs, enhanced further by the addition of beautifully-cut gemstones and art glass. 

The invention of crucibles and blowtorches took the creation of necklaces to a new level with the advent of stainless steel and titanium, as well as the birth of miniaturization and laser etching to enable intricate designs and finely detailed artwork. You can view more examples of perfect evolutions of the necklace online and understand why they have become the centerpiece of fashion trends everywhere.

The advent of what is known as statement necklaces has paved the way for a timeless fashion trend that has become more than just a passing fancy. Chunky necklaces used to be viewed as making you look gauche and not at all fashion-forward but ever since Hollywood A-listers and even the First Lady Michelle Obama began wearing them to important state and red carpet events, chunky became in. These days, you’ll be hard-pressed not to see any fashionable woman within 20 feet not wearing a statement necklace or at least artfully-layered pendants and chains either to work or for a girl’s night out.

The popularity of statement necklaces has risen to meteoric heights, so much so that it has been conveniently forgotten…

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