Finding the Perfect Creative Agency Birmingham Based Firm

When a small business is tasked with choosing a creative agency Birmingham based firm to handle their public relations and media, they should ask themselves ten questions.


What do they actually require from a creative agency? Assistance with planning, analysis, media creation and production, all of these, or none of them? If you do not require these services, you probably do not need a creative agency Birmingham based firm. You would fare better by employing the services of a freelancer.


Should the creative agency be responsible for the buying of media? Should the small business use a media buying service or do it themselves? Just because the creative agency Birmingham based firm offer a particular service doesn’t mean that they have to use it.


Will the agency be paid by the commission it generates from its media purchases and the extra commission it earns from the production, or will they bill the small business a flat fee for all of its services? You won’t find a surgeon who charges commission on the price of an operation room. But any small business must be aware of any hourly fees that they may incur. Some creative agency Birmingham based companies have nearly bankrupted businesses with these charges and not by being underhand or unscrupulous. Good advice would be to insist on a monthly estimate of hourly fees or if possible avoid them entirely by asking for a monthly flat fee to cover all projects.


Is the creative agency Birmingham based firm being selected because of a specific type of advertising campaign or because it is the best? Small businesses are advised to steer clear of agencies specialising in one kind of advertising strategy. All businesses are unique and there is not a one size fits all strategy in advertising and this should be reflected in the campaign.


Will the creative agency allow the small business regular and unlimited access to the people running their campaigns? Any company embarking on an advertising project should have regular access to the account manager. They will want to speak to, and share ideas with someone that lives and breathes their business, this should not be overlooked.


Does the creative agency Birmingham based firm have a distinct and assertive aptitude in direct marketing and the world wide web since they are so closely linked nowadays in marketing? If the answer is to the negative, then the small business should move swiftly to the next creative agency. The internet and direct…

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