Finding School Fundraising Volunteers- Finding Places to Look

Don’t try to plan a school fundraiser without finding help first. You will find that working with others makes school fundraising more successful. If you know where to look you will be able to easily find plenty of volunteers that are ready to help make your fundraiser a success. Finding help can be tricky if you don’t know where to look, so here are some great ideas for finding fundraising help.

Teachers- Great School Fundraising Volunteers

Teaching is a difficult job, but fundraising earnings can make it much easier. Teachers devote huge amounts of time and energy creating special learning experiences for their students. School fundraisers can allow teachers to have the funding that they need to create these special experiences for their students. The extra money can really help teachers and as such many are willing to help with the fundraising process.

Teachers will be more willing to help if you find a cause that will help to make their job easier. For example teachers will be more interested in volunteering for a fundraiser that will purchase new classroom supplies than they will for a fundraiser with no set purpose. Don’t forget that teachers are busy and might not have a lot of time to spare. Try to coordinate with teachers during school hours rather than having them come in special on a weekend for a meeting.

Parents of Students

Parents can be a great volunteer resource in the fundraising process. Fundraising earnings will hugely benefit students and parents that want to provide the best education for their students are often willing to help. Sending a letter to parents is a great way to find interested volunteers. Remember that parents are busy and might need a few reminders to volunteer, so don’t be afraid to follow up until you find enough volunteers. Some parents have more time than others and time commitments and availability can vary from parent to parent. Even if a parent can only spare a few hours, let them volunteer and help in any way they can.

Current School Volunteers

School volunteers spend a lot of time making your school operations run smoothly and might be willing to spend some time helping with a fundraiser as well. Remember that volunteers are busy so consider lessening their volunteer duties so that they have more time to help with the fundraiser.

School Administration and Staff

School administration and support staff are another great place to look for school fundraising volunteers. If they don’t have the time to…

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