Finding A Colon Therapist- A 10-Step Guide


People become overwhelmed with pain and fear while experiencing digestive health issues.  Frustration and anger are two negative emotions settling into the mind due to discomfort and exhaustive efforts toward simplified solutions.  As a last resort, individuals usually choose colon therapy.  Colonics are gaining momentum in popularity by rendering relief from digestive health issues.  The number of colon therapy establishments has increased tremendously.  Like finding a doctor or a dentist, having so many to choose from can create overwhelm.  To simplify your search, today you will learn about the 10-steps you can take for choosing the right colon therapist.


A Normal Experience

Clients come into my office recounting the same familiar story: 

I am having digestive issues.  My stomach is hurting.  My right side is painful to the touch.  When I eat food, it makes me feel nauseated.  I constantly feel like I want to throw up.  I have frequent migraine headaches.  At nightfall, I cannot sleep and I have chills running through my body.  The pain keeps me awake at night.  I try to use the restroom but nothing comes out.  I push and I strain but nothing comes out.  I take laxatives in hopes that they will produce major results.  I wait a few hours with expectation that something will release but minimal feedback takes place.  I am miserable.  I am tired.  I am frustrated with my primary care.  As a last resort I want to try a colonic.


Common Questions

A person with digestive turmoil usually has a few questions at the onset of making a decision to try colon therapy.  Common questions include:  Who do I call?  What should I ask?  When should I go?  Where is the closest establishment?  Which one do I choose?  How much longer should I wait to find relief from all this misery I feel on the inside?


10-Step Guide

Prior to having digestive issues, take time to explore your digestive wellness options as a maintenance plan for your body.  This time will empower you to use a sound mind when making a decision to employ a colon therapist.  Either way, the following 10-step guide is provided to help you find the right colon therapist for your colon health needs:


Step 1:  Take out a piece of paper and write down your answers to these actions steps.  If you try to keep the answers in your head, it will create further frustration when trying to make a decision toward the right colon therapist.


Step 2:  Decide your reasoning…

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