FindaTopDoc Explores the Attraction to Erotic Literature

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Everybody has their own personal preference when it comes to pornography. Some people prefer to watch it while others prefer to read it, and some people don’t like it at all. FindaTopDoc took a look at what makes people attracted to printed versus visual pornography. Here’s what they found:

Erotic literature can give readers a taste of their deepest, darkest fantasies and has the ability to help them live out their wild and secret dreams, according to Your Tango. With erotic literature, the audience becomes more attached to the characters and also becomes hooked on the plot. Readers feel very connected to erotic literature stories and their characters, whereas viewers of porn typically feel no connection at all.

Metro spoke with four women who enjoy watching porn, and they agreed that watching porn is not for the storyline. If they wanted a storyline, they would watch a romance film on Netflix. They want to see the graphic sexual acts that they fantasize about.

On the other hand, there are plenty of women who do not enjoy watching pornography, because it is simply too much for them. These women still like to get turned on by sexy entertainment, but visual porn just doesn’t do it. Women who are sexually stimulated by a connection do enjoy a storyline, and for a storyline, they turn to erotic literature.

People who watch too much pornography can also become addicted to it. This does not usually happen to any extreme extent with people who read erotic literature. Even further, men, can also develop porn-induced erectile dysfunction from…

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