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Robert Heimdahl creator of the website,, is fascinated about all things wildlife. Through this expansive website visitors can explore the many ecosystems the world has to offer from the Arctic to the marshes of Florida.

With just a click visitors can find themselves transported to the forests of Tongass National Park in beautiful Alaska. The guest can then watch videos on hiking, fishing expeditions, or highlights from a camping excursion.

Exploring National parks is virtually seconds away at Visitors can tour the Hercules Glades Wilderness, a 12,000-acre area in Taney County in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri, or they can journey through the grasslands of central Oregon. In Virginia, guests may explore the Tuscarora Trail, a 252-mile long bypass route of the Appalachian Trail at the George Washington National Forest. Visitors can also discover the nearly one million-acre Huron-Manistee National Forests on the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. gives its viewers the opportunity to find information on many types of animal species in one online location. Some of these creatures originate from the deepest oceans of the Arctic to the amazing and colorful Amazon Rain Forest.

Guests can learn about protecting endangered African wildlife and research some of the rarest creatures on Earth. provides information on the care of endangered species and gives an insightful glimpse into the oddest and creepiest animals that currently inhabit our world.

Robert Heimdahl also holds a thoughtful reverence for the Oregon Coast. He has a dedicated blog on giving specialized information on what the coast has to offer. His blog highlights the many wonderful natural treasures like the 250 miles of navigable waterways for the boating enthusiast. The Oregon Coast can hold new and exciting activity ideas for the visitor like a romantic getaway or a rough and tumble outdoor adventure.

Robert Heimdahl at wants to personally invite everyone to come and reignite their curiosity and discover new and unique wildlife adventures. It’s the online place to be for the global traveler and dream trekker.

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Phone: (503) 932-2333

Email: bobheimdahl(at)gmail(dot)com


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