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The eyes of the arena might be on London on 27 July 2012 for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympics Games. The Ceremony will mark the start of the XXXth Olympiad. It will provide an opportunity for the sector to view the artistic expression of Danny Boyle and his team, and the culture of our Host City and the UK.

There are certain elements that must function in each and every Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, as outlined in the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic Charter:

Receiving the Head of State of the Host Country

The Head of State of the Host Country is gained at the front of the Olympic Stadium by means of the President of the IOC and the Chair of the Organising Committee. For London 2012 Summer Olympics, Her Majesty the Queen shall be greeted by way of Jacques Rogge and Sebastian Coe.

Parade of Athletes

A highlight of the Ceremony is the Parade of Athletes – a procession of the taking part groups into the Stadium, nation through nation. 

Teams input in alphabetical order, consistent with the language of the Host Country, except the Greek team, which enters first, and the Host Country (in this example Team GB), who march in last.


Once the entire nations have arrived into the Stadium, the LOCOG Chair Seb Coe will provide a speech, followed by means of the President of the IOC, Jacques Rogge. He will end his speech by introducing the Head of State to officially claim the Games open.

Playing the Olympic Anthem and the entry and elevating of the Olympic Flag

Once the Games were declared open, the Olympic Flag is carried into the Stadium and hoisted into the air as the Olympic Anthem is played.

The Olympic Charter states that the Olympic Flag will have to ‘fly for the entire period of the Olympic Games from a flagpole placed in a prominent position in the principle Stadium’


The flagbearers of the nations form a circle across the rostrum. A participating athlete, judge and instruct from the Host Nation stand at the rostrum and, conserving a corner of the Olympic Flag of their left hand and raising their right, take the Olympic Oath, vowing to compete and judge in keeping with the foundations in their respective sport.

The Torch and lights of the Cauldron

The big finale is the entrance of the Olympic Flame into the Stadium. It is passed during the athletes to the overall Torchbearer, who will ceremoniously gentle the Olympic Cauldron, indicating the beginning of the Games. The Olympic Flame will continue to…

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