Find A Consultant Who Can Help With A Social Impact Assessment

In the modern world it is important that all possible stakeholders are considered when a big project is being implemented, while in the past often minority voices were quashed. Now we live in a more progressive world where the importance of openness and dialogue is understood. There are expert consults that you can engage to help with your plans, they can conduct a social impact assessment and develop plans for community engagement.


The reality is that in the past it was a lot easier for big companies to ignore those small voices, and in the process they would create underlying resentment and anger. Now it has been realised that it is a lot better to engage them from the start, to talk openly about plans and to incorporate their wishes. The consequences of not doing this can be severely damaging as the modern world is one of interconnection and it doesn’t take long for a negative story to emerge. Rather than creating a future PR disaster most companies have realised that the best thing to do is engage in early dialogue, that way you can incorporate others wishes and needs into the project, facilitating a more cohesive end product.


If you need to find a consultancy that can help you to interact with the surrounding community then contact Plan C. Plan C is experienced in this industry, has engaged various stakeholders and sectors for a number of years and has high quality skills, knowledge and personnel to provide a comprehensive solution for your needs.


We deliver an across the board solution from an impact assessment through to engagement plans. We offer help with community engagement strategies, which include engagement programs, community development programs for the resources sector and community plans. We also help with social impact and opportunity assessments, precinct planning and place-making, public space planning, concept design and  management, activation projects and strategies for a variety of public and community spaces and projects…

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