Financially Viable Nations for Citizenship by Investment

Times have changed, and several countries are making changes in their legal system allowing foreign nationals to have free access in their countries. One needs to have enough monetary capital to enter a country through the citizenship by investment scheme. For those that cannot afford such expenses, some other countries have brought up cheaper means to gain legal entry in their countries.

The Maltese Government has recently approved selling its nationality through a program, at a cost of $900,000. This program provides EU benefits with very little restriction on passports of international travelers.

The European Availability:

While Brussels has very little to offer to foreign nationals, Portugal is coming up with new programs to offer fast lawful residency, like “Gold Residential Permit Programme”. This programme uses security of $675,000 and more through property investments. This programme does not offer complete residential guarantee though.

Ireland has also recently brought down the cost of the amount for investment to 50 percent, summing up to a total of $675,000 today. This amount helps one get residential permit in Ireland and Irish passport after five years.

Latvia offers a lucrative deal with residency for five years at a cost of $96,000. One can also get access to the Schengen Area based nations- where 26 countries of Europe share a common policy for visa. However, this privilege might soon come to an end owing to the political controversies on the rise in Latvia.

The Middle East for Nationality:

Alternative nationality requirements have risen owing to the wealth stored in countries like Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Libya and the rising violence in the Middle East regions. It has become impossible to retrieve the stable passports available in this region. These are so prestigious that they are distributed only to those people that have significantly contributed to the country’s development. Although, Bahrain has remained less strict…

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