Financial Services Social Media: No Reason to be Afraid

Social media has forged great changes in the way we transact business, learn about new products and gain insights into the news of the day.

Financial services social media is growing in importance because people often turn to the Internet for online advice and recommendations when it comes to investing their money. Not everyone is a financial specialist, yet everyone does have some amount of money, so figuring out the best way to invest, spend, or save that money is crucial to someone’s lifestyle and choice of investment strategies and advisors to implement them.

As an avid Tweeter I have seen many financial services appear in the Twitter world and have made mental notes of which financial services social media campaigns are the best maintained and regularly updated. Using clever hash tags and simple searches is easy to see which financial services social media dominates the Twitter Space and which financial services social media programs fall flat. The importance of financial services social media for companies is crucial. Consumers know that social media is necessary in today’s world and thus any financial services company that does not maintain their social media presence is deemed to be old-fashioned.

Participating in Twitter and keeping up with other Financial Services Social Media vehilces is not only necessary in order to publicize your own company, but it is also necessary to monitor what other people are Tweeting or saying about you on social media websites. With a strong financial services social media following and diligent monitoring abilities, financial services companies are able to see what people are saying about them as well as learn what’s going on with the competition. Therefore you can give praise to those loyal followers in hopes of their continual support (not to mention referrals), as well as see those on twitter who may have negative things to say about your company or its products. With the help of a public relations firm, your…

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