Financial Poise™ Announces “Resolving Shareholder Disputes” of the “Complex Financial Litigation for the Non-Expert” Webinar Series Now On Demand Through West Legalcenter

This episode discusses common shareholder disputes. Common legal remedies, the collaborative process and dissolution are also examined.

Many people do not understand the specialization that the legal industry has undergone in the past several decades. Just as one would not go to a dermatologist for lung cancer, one would not ask a tax attorney to defend a DUI.

The specialization goes even deeper: litigation over commercial disputes should be handled by someone with deep experience with such disputes. The best criminal defense attorney or divorce litigator is simply not the likely best choice because, among other reasons, issues tend to repeat themselves.

This is not to say that once an attorney has done one “XYZ case,” she is an expert at all “XYZ cases.” The truth is that the expression “the practice of law” exists for good reason. This Financial Poise webinar series explores four common litigation scenarios involving complex financial issues.

The 3rd episode of the “Complex Financial Litigation for the Non-Expert” series is available now on demand! “Resolving Shareholder Disputes” (Register Here) features Moderator Erin Hollis of Marshall & Stevens. Erin is joined by Max A. Stein of Boodell & Domanskis, Daniel Van Vleet of The Griffing Group and Lisa Vandesteeg of Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer.

Shareholder disputes happen for various reasons. All are counterproductive to the goals of the company. Disputes are often difficult, complex and expensive to resolve. Whether due to personal, financial or operational disagreements, shareholder disputes can destroy a business. In some cases, shareholder agreements and by-laws do not provide helpful resolutions.

This episode discusses common shareholder disputes,…

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