Fiji Reveals How She Plans To Kill Colcannar

Fiji is willing to make a huge sacrifice to save the people she loves in the Season 1 finale of “Midnight, Texas.”

In a sneak peek from Season 1, episode 10 of the NBC series, Bobo (Dylan Bruce) asks Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) how she plans to kill Colcannar.

“My powers can be destructive. I’m gonna use that,” Fiji tells Bobo. “I’m gonna do everything I can to protect Midnight, to protect all of you. I may not be strong enough but I need you to let me try.”

When the pawnshop owner asks Fiji to be more specific, the witch reveals that she’s planning of losing her virginity to Colcannar. “I’m gonna give myself to him, and in the process I’m gonna try to kill him,” Fiji says.

Bobo finds Fiji’s plan “insane,” but she insists that she knows what she’s doing. “You don’t have any idea how dangerous I am. I’ve done this before,” Fiji tells Bobo, before admitting that she’d taken someone’s life before.

“[I] killed someone. Well, intimately killed someone,” Fiji confesses. “I loved him, and I killed him. I didn’t mean to, but I did. His name was Jeremy.”

Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) plans to lose her virginity to Colcannar to save her friends in the Season 1 finale of “Midnight, Texas.” Photo: NBC/Ursula Coyote

As revealed through a series of flashback scenes in Season 1, episode 9, Jeremy (Ryan McCartan) was a young Midnighter who fell in love with Fiji 10 years ago. Although Fiji’s aunt advised her to end her relationship with Jeremy, the two only grew closer to one another. However, during the first and only time Fiji tried to have sex, she accidentally set Jeremy on fire and killed him.

In recent interview with TVLine, Fitz-Henley said that she “100 percent” believes in Bobo’s love for Fiji but she’s also “100 percent” willing to sacrifice the possibility of having a romantic relationship with him so he won’t have the same fate with Jeremy.

“Fiji’s really torn, because she’s been living a fractured life for so long,” explained Fitz-Henley. “There’s an entire being within her that wants to be, in her mind, a normal person … And this other part of her is then like, ‘You’re not a normal person, and you hurt everyone that you love and everyone that has ever been close to you has been distanced from you and if you have to watch this person burn, it will kill you. So just think about which one is the more important one.”

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