Fiil Headphones Joins Street Art House in Celebration of Art + Music

Art Basel Miami Beach– FIIL, a designer and manufacturer of finely crafted, leading-edge audio products, today announced it is teaming up with Street Art House, an experiential art company facilitating projects by up-and-coming artists from around the world, to further strengthen the deep ties between art and music. As part of their alliance, the two brands will launch design collaborations and events with some of the world’s most prolific street artists. During Art Basel at 1Hotel South Beach in Miami, Street Art House will preview its new augmented art program with FIIL powering the high-resolution audio for a full immersive experience. The invitation-only experience on December 7th will feature augmented art by the pop artist James Haunt and music by DJ Jazzy Jeff. More information about headphone design collaborations will be announced later in December.

Mutual Inspiration Bridges Art and Music

As many visual artists and musicians will attest, each draws inspiration from the other’s medium. Many street artists listen to music to inspire them while they create amazing canvases. In turn, musicians draw inspiration from the art of canvas to create their music.

As a company dedicated to helping all artists reach their full potential of expression and creativity, FIIL was established to provide those with a passion for music with a great sounding headphone – one capable of conveying the true brilliance and obsession of each musical note, beat and the work as a whole providing inspiration.

Augmented Art Powered by New Visual and Audio Technologies

Pairing up with a new augmented art division of Street Art House that uses technology to tell the stories behind the artists and their artwork, FIIL looks forward to supporting the artist community in new and exciting ways. The first will be the immersive augmented experience at Art Basel, which incorporates FIIL’s high-resolution wireless headphones with Street Art House’s AR technology and talent. Guests will wear FIIL headphones while viewing artwork and have the opportunity to learn about participating artists, watch them create and listen to their musical influences.

The Headphone as Artistic Medium: “The Artist’s Collection”

Additionally, Street Art House and FIIL will be commissioning art from street artists to use the headphone as a…

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