Figuring Out Where You Came From In The 21st Century

In the past we would have to sort through dozens of books to try to figure out where our family came from but as technology has developed we have much better, quicker, and easier ways to get a sense of where our people came from. Instead of looking through countless books and taking years with help from relatives to track everyone now you can do it within a matter of weeks with everything from ancestry websites

The first big change in the past decade has been the large number of websites that have popped up. You have everything from which is one of the largest to many other smaller websites that allow you to join as a member to combine your research with others who may have relatives in common to just having more tools in general. There are also many search engines available that combine the data from all of the major websites to help you find the information you need without having to sign up for each site individually. There are also many personal websites and smaller websites that are dedicated to genealogy of a certain areas, state, country of origin, and even surname.

The websites mentioned before have been around since the beginning of the internet for the most part so by now they are seeming a little old. Now the new wave of websites are much more high-tech and scientific in nature with 23andMe seeming to lead the way. The new explosion of these websites help track your ancestry and genealogy through your DNA instead of through doing paperwork. Not only can these sites help you figure out where your family originated on both sides but they can also help you figure out any diseases in your family that are hereditary and if you may be currently at risk for something. These websites are fascinating and should continue to just get better as they build their databases.

So for those of us who are into our history and figuring out where we came from it is an exciting time again. The web seemed slightly stagnant for awhile and now it seems to be…

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