Fighting Tactics – Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Techniques


Techniques in jeet kune do (JKD) surpasses common battling ways since techniques are equipment and JKD teaches the efficient utilization of those equipment. The strategy presents the concept of how to end hits and kicks from an attacker by intercepting an attack along with your strike rather than a ordinary protective block. Bruce Lee developed his approach according to his principle which he referred to as a style without having style, a modified Wing Chun affected by Taoist viewpoint and modern hand to hand fight. 


According to Lee, a competitor should be as water that can adapt the shape of its environment and can be utilized to destroy and produce something. The significance of the water is essential to battles and its process of motion reduces the waste of time. Practitioners think that JKD surpasses tactics because techniques are just resources and JKD talks about making use of the equipment successfully in any situation. Its notion is by stopping hits and kicks through intercepting an attack with another strike rather than a ordinary block. The offensive attack makes JKD is different from other martial arts.


Martial artists, fanatics, and fans who adore Bruce Lee and his jeet kune do (JKD) always look up to JKD’s guideline of direct fighting with small and exact movement, great effect and utmost quickness. Jeet kune do training calls for smooth run of action making use of kick, punch, and trap and grappling performed in a combination of body movements. JKD instructors develop their own style in using these tools and become a deadly weapon. Instructors require students to develop their footwork, striking, target emphasis, ideas and ideas. Footwork instruction contains action and side push shuffle, and pendulum step. Striking contains right lead, finger jab, and hammer fist. Target emphases on hitting are usually the eyes, groin, and throat. JKD presents five methods to intercept such as the single angle, hand immobilization, progressive indirect, combination, and drawing strikes. These jeet kune do training demands a great deal of human treatment that’s the reason why Bruce Lee always thinking of simple ways to be efficient in eliminating according to each and every fighter’s capability. 


When Bruce Lee completed in the U.S. in 1959, he founded his first Ju Fan Gung Fu or simply means Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu in Seattle, Washington DC along with Jesse Glover as his associate. When Lee transferred to Oakland, he recognized another…

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