Fiendishly tricky Halloween puzzle features one of the Arctic animals hidden among the ghouls

The most recent brainteaser is of the seasonal sort, involving well-known Halloween characters – ghosts.

The hidden character to find, however, has more in common with Christmas.

Drawn in a very similar style to the graphic ghouls but with little ears on his head, there’s a polar bear hidden among them.

Puzzle artist Gergley Dudás created this image and many other popular braintears

Because he’s only ever so slightly different to the ghosts, he’s a tricky one to spot.

The gate-crasher is well camouflaged, and the challenge to find him has got people stumped. 

Puzzle artist Gergley Dudás created this image and many other popular ‘Wheres…?’ brainteaser challenges.

He also going by the alias, The Dudolf, and posted this most recent design on his Facebook page. 

Another recent illusion challengers viewers to spot the odd piece of fruit in just 20 second.

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