Fiction book calls for embracing, understanding challenges

Loaded with concepts from Tibetan teachers and age-old wisdom, “Seal of Power” (published by Xlibris AU) is the capstone on a pyramid of ideas and challenges that are unmatched in the world. Written by Jaylee Balch, the third book in a series follows a human who has to face himself, through a force that while powerful, is destructive if not harnessed by the goodness that lies within. In completing the trilogy of books, Balch says: “I was inspired by the other two books in the trilogy that came before this one. I was excited about the culmination of Tomas facing the Unknown force.”

Balch further describes Tomas as the epitome of most youngsters today, who have to make decisions about themselves based upon what they have learnt; they have to decide to be of service to others and champion the human race or not. “Society faces two choices. The choice to work for the planet and embrace a lighter future or collapse into the easy automatic habits of a civilisation gone wrong,” the author adds.

An excerpt from the book:

He knew that the key to his way through the Unknown was in his ability to hold his ideas in his invisible mind and not allow his Human mind to grasp it. He had learnt that his Human mind knew how to pull apart his ideas into small parts and whittle away at them until they had no power, until they were so small. He had learnt that his four friends from Earth did this every time they had a thought, and he understood why they manifested small ideas and not the grand ones that they were capable of. He knew how to keep his thoughts in his invisible mind and then release them to manifest the entirety of their potential. This was the key. This is what he knew the Unknown was after.

“Seal of Power”

By Jaylee Balch

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 312 pages | ISBN 9781543402148

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 312 pages | ISBN 9781543402131

E-Book | 312 pages | ISBN 9781543402124

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About the Author

As a master hypnotherapist, Jaylee Balch focuses on her studies and experiences in her world. She had the fortune to meet and be initiated into the Tao and Tibetan lineages under their respective masters and is currently mentored by them. She combines her talents with her husband Paul, in their focus to…

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