According the Feng Shui Flying Stars system, there are two sets of stars which play an important role in the energy of a property. These stars are called Facing and Sitting stars. The former is also known as Water stars and the latter Mountain stars. The stars carry the number that ranges from 1 to 9 and are representations of energy or ‘qi’ in a property such as a house.

The stars form a sequence of numbers based on the nine sectors in a 3×3 matrix in accordance to a Feng Shui formula that takes the facing direction of the house as well as on the year of completion (or the year that it had a major renovation).

The nine sectors of a house are also known as the nines palaces. In each of the palaces, the stars form a sequence of three numbers. The one in the center is called the period or time star. The one on the top right of the palace is the Facing Star while the one on the top left is the Sitting Star.

Together, these stars influence the energy of the sector they fly into whether good or bad. In Feng Shui Flying Stars system, time is divided into 9 periods of 20 years each. We are now in the current period that runs from 2004 to 2024. Whether a star is auspicious or inauspicious depends on its timeliness. The most auspicious star in this current period is star 8. This is because star 8 is considered timely since the current period is 8. The other stars that can be considered beneficial are stars 1 and 6. Generally, star 1, 6 and 8 are known as white stars and they exert positive energy in the sector that they occupy. Certain stars such as 2 and 5 are usually inauspicious except during period 2 and 5 respectively. The quality of the other stars such as star 3, 4, 7 and 9 varies depending on the period and the Flying Star schools that you practice.

In Feng Shui Flying Stars system, the important sectors of a house are the main door, master bedroom and kitchen. This is because the luck of the household hinges mostly on the energy that flows through these…

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