Female CEO of SD6 Inc. Launches Cannabis Company Business Database That Uses Intelligent Data

Las Vegas-based startup SD6 Inc. has created a global business-to-business product and service database that is unlike any platform so far: it intelligently gathers data to show its users the in-depth and accurate information they need to make decisions.

SD6 is more than a company listing directory. It collects extensive product, service, and even employee information, then based on its algorithm, connects businesses to other businesses who fit their ethos. This allows users to successfully scale their companies while maintaining the personal, one-to-one relationships that are the foundation of the industry.

SD6 Founder and CEO Jackie Morck explains, “Consumer focused directories and resources have their place, but they’re not the most useful tools for businesses to connect with each other. SD6 was created so companies can connect with other companies they actually want to do business with.”

SD6 saw a need in the cannabis industry that wasn’t being met: there are no business-to-business tools that also maintain the personal connections the industry was built on. “At its core, SD6 is tackling the need to professionalize the cannabis industry. Our platform is designed to bring transparency to businesses and their networks so they can create those one-to-one relationships that are critical to doing business well,” said Morck.

In addition to smart search capabilities, Morck’s team will personally qualify leads, keep companies’ pages updated, and also be available to live chat to answer questions. The database is searchable by local or global parameters.

The database fully launches Oct. 1, and there will be a discount to join the platform until Sept. 30 for founding members. “We want to keep our technology very affordable for businesses as we help them grow,” Morck said, “because I believe a business should give back more than it takes.”

Morck and her team launched the first stage of the company, the Community, in July 2017, where they host experts in online Q&A forums, and professionals can ask questions of cannabis experts and other peers in various roles. “This resource is free and always will be free to use,” said Morck. “Cannabis professionals are incredibly dedicated and deserve to have the tools and resources necessary to be great at their jobs.”

“We’re excited…

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