FBI probe of ‘Antifa ideology’ underway, Wray tells House panel

The FBI is investigating people inspired by “kind of an Antifa ideology,” bureau Director Christopher Wray said Thursday.

Wray told members of the House Homeland Security Committee that people associated with the so-called anti-fascist or Antifa movement were subject to the FBI probe amid possible violent criminal activity.

“While we’re not investigating Antifa as Antifa — that’s an ideology and we don’t investigate ideologies — we are investigating a number of what we would call anarchist-extremist investigations, where we have properly predicated subjects of people who are motivated to commit violent criminal activity on kind of an Antifa ideology,” he told the House panel.

Violent clash between Antifa and right-wing protesters at University of California, Berkeley.


Wray said the FBI was investigating about 1,000 domestic terror cases and all were based on threats rather than “ideology, opinion or rhetoric.” He added that out of about 1,000 open domestic terror investigations, all are focused on actual physical threats.

Coordinated violence

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