FATPOT Announces General Availability of fusionPLATFORM .NET Software Development Kit

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) providers have a new, flexible, powerful, and streamlined option for developing CAD-to-CAD adapters. FATPOT has just released a new, .NET version of its Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling rapid development to FATPOT’s application programming interface (API) for fusionPLATFORM™.

“Over the past few years, several providers created CAD-to-CAD adapters using FATPOT’s REST API,” said Richard King, FATPOT president. “With this .NET SDK, we’ve streamlined the process and simplified the effort to develop and test fully functional adapters, resulting in lower costs and quicker integrations.” The .NET SDK exploits the latest Microsoft C# functionality to create an adapter framework that handles all the mundane tasks of building a system-to-system interface. Developers have access to a preconfigured fusionPLATFORM environment with built-in diagnostics, step-by-step coding examples, and testing tools to facilitate rapid completion of an adapter.

Many PSAPs are already benefiting from CAD-to-CAD sharing based on FATPOT’s fusionPLATFORM. CAD providers TriTech and Securus (formerly Archonix) have already initiated work using FATPOT’s .NET SDK to create a reusable adapter for their customers. Other CAD providers including Hexagon, Superion (formerly SunGard), Motorola, Versaterm, Bell (Xwave) and Larimore have existing standard adapters using FATPOT’s previous SDK and now have the ability to further enhance their incident and unit sharing capabilities to other CAD systems using the new .NET SDK.

The .NET SDK also allows connectivity of other types of systems that need integration with CAD incident data. Some examples include connecting RMS, AVL, DOT, voice recorder systems, camera networks and P25 radios to FATPOT’s intelligent hub, ensuring real-time accessibility of regional incident and unit information as well as integration between connected systems. Agencies can quickly coordinate regional response and resource sharing for law enforcement and fire-rescue stakeholders, and other emergency responders. Hospitals, emergency operation centers, fusion centers, college public safety, traffic operations, and other entities can subscribe to filtered incident information they need to see in real time.

The fusionPLATFORM system includes the following…

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